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from Jümp The Shark’s “IUVENES DOOM SUMUS”


of boys, frogs and streetlamps

iuvenes doom sumus

completata! fase 1!

alex hoffman’s sound of love

another venetian sef-referential tune

a venetian self-referential tune

a raw pie

schroedinger’s sofa bed


from Jümp The Shark’s “OHMLAUT”


survival advantages of visceral fat

samantha fox

mullet people

die teuflische quinlan



when will the bruce lee


from Jump The Shark’s “Sugoi Sentai! Gattai!!”



hmmj special

interstellar turkish kung fu

la loggia dello storione greco

mambo ricci

never let your hats alone

steve sheldon’s nightmare


20 goto 10

caporetto in my mouth

cargo cult